How to Lose Thigh Fat: On Inner, Outer Thighs, For Men, Women & Exercises 

What is the trick to reduce, burn or lose thigh fat effectively? Is there a single workout or thigh exercises to help me get rid of these fats? Find out by reading the following to learn the reasons and secrets of you having them, what diet need to switch to or avoid plus best ways to get rid of thigh fat. We shall dwell much on reducing and removing or losing them.


There are several incredible facts to know about fats on thighs and its tendency of occurrence in humans.

1. Poor eating habits

Health facts reveal that fats from various food which we consume daily are good. The problem is that most people do little to regulate how much of it is appropriate to keep our bodies healthy and good-looking. One of the most common reasons for having fat on thighs originates from consuming a lot of fast fried foods, whose fat content is indisputably too high.

2. Genetic factors

Another reason for people developing fat this region is due to the fact that the genetic makeup is more.

According to, women’s body requires as many as 1000 extra calories a day during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Since this is the case, more women get challenged while trying to get rid of thigh fat or fat on their hips because the whole problem of accumulation of fats on the lower body trunk begins at menopause. However, this fat has been proven to be of the equally significant source of energy for those (women) who stay in dry regions with drought.

3. Hormones

According to BioSignature system, “Fat accumulation on the buttocks and thighs reflects raised levels of Oestrogen along with possible poor Oestrogen metabolism.”

The research report goes on to reinstate that women have shown to have a higher number of fat cells on buttocks and thighs. In addition, women also have a higher enzyme activity that causes fat absorption in this areas as opposed to general circulation.

4. Cellulite

Do you have small lumps of fat on top of thighs? Cellulite also is known as adiposis edematosa is a very stubborn kind of tissue fat “created when fat manages to push its way through tiny holes in connective tissue underneath your skin.” [].

What causes cellulite? Cellulite is due a combination of the above discussed factors, that is, genetics, predisposing factors ­– e.g. poor blood circulation, fluid retention – and hormones including insulin, estrogen, thyroid hormone, noradrenaline and prolactin. Cellulite tends to herniate the subcutaneous or superficial layer of skin.

How to get rid, reduce, lose or remove fat from thighs

Is a diet deficit alone enough to ensure that you easily lose thigh fat? What should you eat, drink or take ot remove these fats from this area? A good diet to cut down build up more fats must also inculcate a few thigh exercises to ensure that you seriously get rid of fat thighs.

Unfortunately, it will be a waste of time for you if you don’t put breaks to all sorts of diet, or junk foods that have been high a reason for fat around hips and this area. If you dream to ever get rid (inner, outer or back of) thigh fat, then a combination of all these diet changes, regular (thigh-targeted) or body exercises should be an indispensable investment. We shall dwell more on diets and look at more workouts to get rid of fat from thigh later in the discussion.

1. Exercises to lose them fast

Without doing exercises for thighs, even if you have done all the dietary changes getting rid of thigh fat will be ineffective. There are either specific or body exercises but before then, general body exercises are very important to start with reducing them before turning yourself a fat burning machine for body shaping.

It is worthy to consult a physician before engaging in cardio workouts. This way you can get instructions on how to stay healthy at the same time lose weight in a consistent manner without straining.

2. Walking, Jogging instead of driving

First, you need to start with simple body movements to reduce body weight and promote body functions like gearing metabolism. In so doing, some hundreds of calories is burned, and this is a preliminary step towards constructing a good mentality and readiness for burning exercises.

3. Other body exercises to burn fat

If you are suffering from diseases that may hinder you from walking or other personal reasons, find alternative workouts. After all, whether you sit back and watch or do nothing about it you will still be encouraging the growth of fat around thighs.

a). Join Sporting Activities

Playing any of your favorite sport that involves locomotion or vigorously moving your legs will for sure see you losing them and burn more calories. You may form a working group so that you go on even when it looks to be a tiring exercise.

b). Gym workouts

Some gym exercises are ideal for people with arthritis, those recovering from limb injuries and respiratory diseases.

c). Cardio and thigh muscle toning

In a series of exercises to reduce them some are intended to train you how to lose thigh weight at home, in fact in your own house. Examples of thigh-toning exercises include lunges, froggies, side-lying adduction and wall squats.

d). Thigh squeezing

If you are a young lady and is so concerned with inner thigh fat, this fat burning exercises will be necessary if losing or reducing fat on thighs is your target. Ensure that you are ready with proper kits and have a good pillow to do it as follows.

  • Sit on a steady chair with your feet rested relaxed on a floor.
  • Place a pillow between your thighs, so that as you breathe out slowly you press together and squeeze it. You can hold it for at least 20 seconds.
  • Release them slowly, this time inhaling.
  • Do this every day especially before any meals.

It is important to note that most exercises and dietary program change we have seen so far are strategies to reduce or lose fat.

Fat burning foods and best diet

Have you tried some fat burning foods and can’t lose inner fat from thighs or can you reduce these fats with diet? What lifestyle strategies should I put in place so as to achieve it? Apart from focusing on fat burning exercises, it is worthwhile to ask what kind of dietary habits should you give a priority and which ones to dump. So, what are some of the diets to lose fats on your thighs?

1. Fatty Acids

Avoid ‘bad’ fatty acids and go for Omega 3 or unsaturated fatty acids such as nuts, seed oil, legumes e.g. lentils, chickpeas. What these low-fat proteins do is to provide you with nutrients but at the same time are not deprived of essential nutrients. You may take foods with low fat, for instance, unprocessed fishmackerel and salmon.

2. Whey Protein or low-fat-proteins

You need not crave for more fatty foods while you could reduce appetite (if it is a scapegoat) and get rid of fat in thighs. Whey protein foods can replace other types of proteins. This simply means that you are increasing chances of not feeling hungry easily so that you remain focused on losing thigh fat, spending a substantial amount of energy doing exercises to get rid of this issue.

While most whey proteins come from dairy foods and products, you may feel a bit disadvantaged if you have an allergic reaction.

Ricotta cheese, cheddar cheese, milk, plain yogurt, just to mention a few are examples.

3. Complex carbohydrates

If you have to take carbs then you need such foods with complex carbohydrates whose low-carb calorie value is ideal for both men and women. Complex carbs take more time to be broken down in the process more energy is consumed – a positive bearing on how much glucose may be converted into fat. Some of these carbohydrates are:

Oats, unprocessed grains and whole wheat products,

4. Low Calorie

Whether you are overweight or want to train as an obesity, it is recommended to be under the supervision of your physician. According to Wikihow, women need to limit calorie intake to about 220g of complex carbohydrates and lose at most 1kg or 2 pounds per week.

Secondly, you have to also reduce intake of to an amount ranging between 35 – 60 grams in order to liven your dreams to reduce and remove fat from thighs in near future.

5. Green vegetables

Besides the above which can aid in, ensure you have lots of green vegetables i.e. in everyday dining time, include broccoli, spinach, parsley, basil, kales, etc. They offer a great humble time for your liver to do all detoxification alongside help in removing fat from thighs by inhibiting release of excess hormones which we earlier looked at as a very stubborn factor for this problem.

5. What foods and drinks MUST avoid?

What are foods to start cutting down plus its ratio in a day’s meal plan while you begin a journey to reducing thigh fat? Basically, you need to start forgetting about typical carbohydrates which form part of a larger ‘junky foods.’ They include:

  • Sugar and sugary foods such as potatoes, beets corn, sweet juice, soda, biscuits, etc.
  • Energy drinks,
  • Wheat and cereals – bread, pastry, crisps, etc.
  • Chocolate,
  • Alcohol,
  • Avoid or limit saturated fats such as palm oil and coconut oils

6. Water

First things first. It may sound very funny and small but it is good and working with every ounce of water you get into your system plays a very pivotal role in not only removing thirst but also controlling body temperatures, take up of essential body nutrients and speeding up the removal of harmful toxins.

So, every morning get up with a glass of warm water. You may make it a fun by adding a little fresh fruit lemon juice. You still need to get hydrated all day long to promote metabolism.

Inner Thigh Fat Removal

Why is it so hard to lose fat inner thighs? At least there are no single inner thigh fat burning exercises. Without consistently combining, proper eating habits, fat burning foods, exercises to reduce thigh fat or exercises to burn it out, no doubt inner thigh fat removal won’t be a walkover you have to be dedicated and show much commitment. Anyway, don’t get discouraged you have to try and give yourself a passionate defining moment.

1. Cossack Squat

Cossack squat is amongst best workouts to lose thigh fat with a superb finisher result. When you find free time, get your practicing kits ready with you, this is what you need to do.

Find a free space without obstructions where you can stand and spread your arms wide.

  1. Stand with your feet sideways so that they are wider than shoulders – to ensure that ensure that you are more stable.
  2. Spread out your arms and breathe in.
  3. Drop your arms and begin to squat as much as you can go down. (Do this while breathing out)
  4. Go back to (1) then this time do a left squat leaning your body trunk slightly forward. You should try to do it in that your right leg is straightened and foot heel rests on floor.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through to 4 alternating between the left and right until you feel not doing it anymore.

2. Frog Bend

With this exercise, you can get rid of inner thigh fat pockets because much of the energy used in the leg movements come from the inner-thigh muscles.

  • Lie down under a shade, facing up.
  • Put your legs close together and then raise them over hips.
  • While keeping heels in contact, twist the feet outwards then try bending your knees and straightening them in 3 successions of two or more minutes each.
  • You can also take short rest before starting another set.

3. Criss-Cross power jack

Crisscross will not only tone inner thigh muscles but increase heart beat rate. This simply means that more calories get burned. It is moreover simple with no bending.

  • Just stand and put feet together and then take a deep breath (inhaling).
  • As you breathe out jump your feet out and wide at ago, while arms crossed overhead for a few minutes.
  • After that, cross your right leg to the front of the right one or vice versa. Begin a forward jack alternating between the left and right leg.

4. Around-the-room froggies

According to Sara Haley, if you decide to remain within your room you can actually do exercises at home. This is yet another fastest way to lose inner thighs with too much fats. So, how is this around-the-room exercise done?

  • Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width.
  • Squat as deep as you can to allow both hands to reach the floor.
  • Jump up in the air while swinging arms over the head.
  • Continue to jump up then down bringing your feet together. Make at least quarter turn for 1 minute until you make a complete 360 rotation.
  • Repeat in the opposite direction.

5. Side Lying Hip adduction

As the name suggests, this toner exercise targets adductors – muscles running along inside of the legs. To make it be a super inner thigh exercise, combine it with cardiovascular.

  • Lie down on one side of your hips a flat ground. Straighten both legs and place on each other. Fold the other arm and rest your head on its hand as shown below.
  • Move the lower leg slightly forward. While letting the other upper leg touch the ground, keep both legs straight.
  • Breathe in.
  • Now, raise the lower leg from the ground such that it goes above the level of the upper leg.
  • Continue raising it until you feel tension in abdominal muscles and within the hips.
  • Breathe out.
  • Roll over to lie on your other side of hips.
  • Repeat this hip adduction exercise at least 10 times each day. Take some rest between each set.

These are just a few of the exercises. There are more exercises not exhausted including Pilates side splits, Reverse Clamshells, inner thigh circles, barbell squat, inner thigh blaster and many others.

Exercises for outer thighs

We also went out of our way to find out more workouts for fat on the outer thighs. We found out that if you perform exercises you will get solutions for reducing and removing outer thigh fat.

1. Side Lunches

Read and follow steps for side lunges.

  1. Stand with feet the width of the hips.
  2. Take a single step to the right side and lunge slowly onto that right side such that the left heel touches the ground. (Keep in that position for roughly 15 seconds)
  3. Return to the starting position and lunge onto the left.
  4. Repeat five times for each lunge.

2. Leg raise

The next exercise involves raising one leg while the other is in vertical position such that a 90degree difference is created as follows:

  • Stabilize your body trunk and then raise one leg to the reach the level of the pulley.
  • Make a pause for a while before returning it.
  • Do a similar leg raise with the other leg until you can’t raise anymore.

You can use a low pulley found in gyms or improvise your own at home.

Best way for quickly, fast effective results

Many may be asking, how can I lose my thigh fat fast?  Indeed with every commitment you make, talk about best thigh burning exercises, or turning around your dietary plans, etc. This is just but very first fundamental steps of reducing them.

However, as you move on you will realize need to do more to get the perfection on exercises for inner thighs, and strictly sticking to best diet. As it were, there is no single strategy or program to adopt. Therefore the best way to lose fat on thighs is to ensure that your entire body is burning calories and the amount of calories taken in is relatively smaller than what you can burn.

Some of the recommended ways to lose thing fat quickly besides what we have already seen include the following:

1. Scissor Legs Plank

To begin, as an exercise to get rid of these fats, this burns fat s around the inner, outer or back thighs depending on how you do it. As we will see from the pictures it involves three major movements while your body remains in a horizontal position while it is being supported by arms.

  • Lie face down on a clean horizontal concrete or smoothened floor.
  • Raise your body weight in a full plank position on a horizontal ground – your body weight supported by arms folded at the elbow.
  • Ensure that both legs are placed together.
  • With aid of a sliding disc or piece of smooth cloth, move your legs apart. Create a leg angle you are comfortable with.
  • Apply muscular force to gradually return both limbs to original position.
  • Repeat this procedure for at least 12reps taking rests between each rep.

2. Do Scissor kicks

Scissor kicks is one of the simplest inner thigh muscle toner exercises to lose fat from thighs. It is amongst and one of the best exercise for your limbs

  1. Using a mat lie on your back then place both hands under your butts.
  2. Start to make short kicks in air with both legs in a one-two manner, without letting them touch down.
  3. Now, try to increase the intensity of the scissor kicks by moving them a bit higher.
  4. Take a short break.
  5. This time increase rate of scissor kicks by moving your legs fast as you can.

If you combine it with other best thigh exercises such as crisscross power jacks, side lunge, squeeze and lift, inner thigh circles, etc. you can lose inner thigh fat fast in a matter of few days.

3. Other best Exercises

Some of the thigh exercises discussed earlier are considered the other fastest ways to losing getting rid and burn especially if you want to lose inner ugly hips faster. They include: biking, active sporting, skipping, intensive walking-races, swimming and hiking.

4. Dietary Deficit and exercises

A more effective or best way to get rid of thigh fat is ensuring that you set a caloric deficit, track and record progress so that you actually refer to metrics of how much fat on thigh is burned in a specified period of . Now according to, it takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose 1 lb. of fat.

For Men

Again for men, losing fat from thighs is not a new thing on the inventory. A healthy diet and changes in eating habits not forgetting consistent toning exercises is all any man needs to work.

1. Thigh toning exercises

Thigh toning exercises involve a series of fat burning exercises for thighs that will keep away every single fat pocket that wants to develop in. However, it should be a regular thing if you have to get rid of these fats in a successful and consistent manner. Let us briefly look at some of them here.

a). Squats

A basic thigh toner exercise is squatting.

  • In a vertical standing position, move both legs the width of your shoulder.
  • While you maintain a straightened back, lower your butts down to the ground but, (prevent them from making contact with lower legs.)
  • Lean a little forward then open your arms and spread them forward horizontally. (DON’T raise your heels off the ground)
  • Stay in that position for a few minutes.

b). Back Thigh Kick

Get in your kits and do the following.

  1. Stand on a single leg and then try to raise the other leg towards the back.
  2. Bend slightly forward while you assume to be kicking a higher object using your lifted leg.
  3. Continue to do so till you start to feel stretching force in hamstring located behind the knees.
  4. As you return that leg to standing position try squeezing (with your hands) butt muscles.
  5. Switch legs to repeat to give both legs an equal thigh exercise.

This thigh toner exercise is good for reducing fats both inner and back of thigh.

c). Downward Dog facing

Going on with toning exercises to lose and reduce fatty thighs men should think about how to reduce it by yoga known as downward facing dog. You may find it interesting as shown in the images.

  • Lie on your stomach on a flat floor.
  • Place your hands forward then begin to lifting your body up vertically, butts leading.
  • Make sure both arms and legs are straightened.
  • Keep in that position for 60 sec.
  • Lower back and try again.

For extra calorie burning lift up one of your legs shortly in successive reps. Remember to take short rests. Alternatively, you can hold your right lower leg or ankle with left hand by twisting the chest, while supporting yourself with right hand.

2. Cardiovascular Exercises

Secondly, these general aerobic workouts are good for losing not only them on this area but also inner thigh fat for guys. Cardiovascular exercises burns more fats by turning them into sources of energy. What are they? Cycling, swimming, playing sports such as volleyball, basketball and soccer are just a few fat burning cardio.

3. Dietary Changes

Do men need to make changes in diet to lose fat from their thighs? Absolutely! Apart from cardio and toning exercises, simply turn away from fatty and high carb foods to reduce them man! Eating foods with too high carb causes high concentrations of insulin to convert it into glucose. Avoid the above listed categories or food types.

How to lose thigh fat for women

Women may be forced to learn to reduce thigh fat because there is no way they will hide it unlike flabby tummy or abdominal. Reducing fat on thighs for many women is critical and demanding. However, no single exercise, to burn, reduce or lose fat on thighs that restricts women because they too have the capability of practicing them for their own good.

I would recommend they do all we have discussed including what men need to do to reduce thing fats because women seem to be more vulnerable to thigh fat than men.

Can you Lose Fat without Gaining Muscles?

Some people would not want to gain muscle in their efforts to get rid of fat thighs. Now, to lose fat on thigh without gaining muscles calls for certain common things: strict eating habits or particular workouts limited to certain thigh parts.

  • You first, have to take smaller but frequent meals throughout the day so that your stomach is not full all day long.
  • Secondly, need to substitute certain foods, such as dairy meat with lean proteins, nuts and whole grains. Include herbal or green tea in your drinks.
  • On part of exercises, you have to be selective. Avoid gym where necessary or after you realize that is what making the muscles to appear and go for thigh toner workouts such as dumbbell squats, and exercises such as thigh squeezing. Thigh fat burning belts may not be effective since they only help in firming.


To sum up, from this discussion free lifestyle of poor eating habits is a greater enemy to having fatty thighs. Even though it is impossible to control certain factors such as genes, it does not therefore imply that full hips points at fats. Some people need to see physicians for regimens to slim down their thighs or shape their upper leg muscles to attain beautiful body shapes.