Here Is How To Identify If You Have Narcissism

What is narcissism?

Narcissism is a psychological disorder that causes behavioral changes in an individual. It makes the person very self-centered and affects the overall personality of a person. It is a condition of deep egoism and arrogance. People with narcissism often behave very strangely. They try to pretend over emotions, things, etc. they try to hide certain things within themselves and never care for any other person’s feelings. This is a medically proven disorder. It not only affects the mental health of a person but also creates chaos in life. As a result, the person turns out to be the most unhappy, loneliest person. There are many treatments present in the medical sector for the treatment of narcissism or more accurately ‘personality disorder.

What are the signs and symptoms to identify you have narcissism?


There are numerous signs and symptoms to identify these types of personality disorders. Let us have a deep look at it:

  • Extensively self-obsessed: an extremely self-obsessed person can never see anything good about others. That person always thinks, he/she is superior and underestimates everyone.
  • Rude nature: narcissist people are very rude by nature. Before saying anything, they never think bout anyone’s feelings.
  • Attention seeker: These types of people always need everyone’s attention. They seek this.
  • Taking advantage of others: narcissist people are very good at taking advantage of others. They use everyone for their own means.
  • Dominating: these people are quite dominating by nature. They think everyone is inferior to them and everyone is bound to listen to their saying.
  • Pretending in nature: these people are very pretendedly in nature. They show something and they are actually something else in nature.
  • Always moody: the main sign of a narcissistic person is moody nature. he/she behaves according to the mood. This is one of the main signs of narcissism.
  • Unable to define feelings: these types of people never express their feelings. They are just emotionless. They neither show nor understand others’ feelings.
  • Aggressive: these people are very very aggressive in nature.  They always make huge issues of small things. And it’s quite difficult to make them understand something. As they always think, what they say is right.
  • Unsatisfied soul: these people are never satisfied with anything. No matter, what you do, it is never enough for these people.

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