The Impact of Social Media and Internet on Your Mental Health

Internet is not a safe place. By now you probably know this, one way or another. What’s even worse is that the number of people not using the internet and social media today is limited. We all do, and that’s a fact. While Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram are immensely fun at times, they do have dark sides to them.

The web is a dark hole, and in some cases, it’s better if you don’t follow the rabbit. Our mental health can be put in danger if we don’t pay attention to how we spend time on the internet and particularly on social media platforms. That’s why it’s important to talk about the impact of social media and the internet on your mental health, and that’s precisely what we’re going to do.


We must start from the basics. Most social media platforms are highly addictive. People spend hours using and misusing the internet. Mothers put photos of their underage children online, people picture their food, and a very tiny bit of everyone’s life is shoved down our eyes and throats.

Unreal expectations are put on everyone’s shoulders due to various life coaches and body shaming profiles. Watching strangers out unachievable goals in front of you can be bad for you. It can make you feel bad, sad, and underappreciated. Besides, most of us feel strains on our mental health and psychological traumas of all sorts that we’re not even aware need to be treated. Not everyone can be Dwayne Johnson.


When we view celebrities such as Sommer Ray, Megan Fox, Cristiano Ronaldo, and others, we can do more harm than good. While having a favorite athlete or appreciating someone’s physique is all good and well, today those things are consumed a little bit too much.

Of course, you can set goals, and try to achieve them, but these days that’s not the norm. People measure themselves to others how to work on their bodies for a living which is not something that needs to be done.

Furthermore, we have more and more dating apps, which connected many people, but also fooled many and destroy their hopes. Not everyone on the internet is a fraudster, but today many individuals don’t even know how to spot a fake profile on a dating site.


This could be vital if you don’t want to get lost on the web, which can not only influence your mental health but can even endanger you physically. On the web, and close to social media platforms it’s easy to lose track of the right and wrong moves.

Even keeping up with your friends and family can have bad sides to it. Sometimes, the cases of jealousy that can become evident even between best friends and family members, can take the best of us. Being trapped in this circle can be vicious to our personalities, and many individuals don’t leave without scars.

Envy and depression follow each other on social media platforms more than people follow Selena Gomez. This is just our brief addressing on this subject which is deep and touches each of us. This is why you need to be careful what you do on the web, and if you like, you can explore this subject even deeper, as it is worth knowing about the bad influences our daily activities can have on our well-being.