Nose Sores that Won’t Heal Causes and Treatments

It is always uncomfortable having nose sores that won’t heal especially when you think you have done enough to remove them. These sores are normally painful and it is important to take a critical look at their causes and how best to remedy the situation.

It is important to note that nose sores that won’t heal may be accompanied by symptoms such as fever. For severe symptoms, to see a doctor determine the cause of all the symptoms.

Causes of Nose Sores

Why do I keep on getting nose sores that do not go away easily? Is it a disease or a condition that is behind these sores? Here are some of the common reasons why you get nose sores that don’t heal easily.

Herpes simplex

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To begin with, the first cause of these nose sores that won’t heal is herpes simplex virus. Blisters associated with it can actually appear anywhere on the body but it is most likely to appear in the fingers, mouth and especially around the nose area.

The sores reappearing is just as a result of the virus remaining in the body even though the sore might have been healed at some point.

It is important to note that some people can have these sores reappearing more frequently than others especially in cases of a weakened immune system.

To manage them, what the doctor will likely do in this case since the virus cannot be cured will be to prescribe medications capable of managing the sore breakouts.

Note that fever and stress have a way of triggering recurring nasal herpes infections.

Pemphigus foliaceus

Secondly, nose sores that won’t heal can be caused by Pemphigus Foliaceus which is a disorder that results in blisters on the mucous membranes.

Constant trauma

Do not forget also that trauma on the nose has the potential to cause this problem. One example could be blowing the nose to hard in such a way that there is a rupture in the blood capillaries that can lead to small ulcers.

Infections such as bacteria

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Infections like bacterial infection can also cause nose sores that won’t heal. It is important to understand that the nasal passages would normally act as a shield against things like bacteria and dust in the air we breathe. These are well trapped in the mucus on the nose hairs; however, when there is a crack inside the nose, it is very possible for the bacteria to cause some infections inside the lining which could cause these nose sores.

Staphylococcus bacteria are known to be one of the most common problems for nasal sores. In fact, the bacteria which are sometimes referred to as staph is normally found in the skin of some people and this get transferred to the nose when people pick their nose using dirty hands.

These staph bacteria are typically harmless at first but when fingernails cause cracks in the nasal linings then the infection takes place. So as this happens, the infection results in nose sores.

Extreme weather such as winter

Nose sores that won’t heal happen sometimes due to the hotness of the environment especially during the winter where the humidity level falls drastically. The main reason attributed to this issue comes from the fact low humidity will cause less moisture in the nose as well as the nasal passages.

What happens is that scabs get formed inside the nose and the urge to pick them most likely leads to the damage of the mucous membrane as well as bleeding. This may sometimes form ulcers in the nose especially in the nasal septum area.

Nose picking

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Do not forget that these nose sores that won’t heal can be caused by bad nose-picking habits because constant picking of the nose has a way of delaying the healing process.

Weakened immunity

The weak immune systems can lead to nose sores that won’t heal since their bodies are a good ability to fend off diseases. Individuals with a lower count of white for those going through medical processes like chemotherapy may also have a weaker immunity system. In such a case, people will be vulnerable to infections including some we have already seen.

What to do to a Nose sore that won’t heal

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Nose sores will normally disappear on their own in most cases but sometimes it keeps reoccurring and this is the major problem.

Stop nose picking

If you often pick your nose, try leaving the sores alone can quicken the healing process and time but if the situation persists, then seeking help from trained medical personnel should be the next option.

Try antiviral treatments

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Since viral infection can also be a cause of these nose sores that won’t heal and the nose sores may be manifesting from time to time. A typical treatment could involve the prescription of antiviral drugs or any other medication which does well to ease the symptoms.

Antibacterial ointments

Nose sores that won’t heal could also be as a result of staph infection inside the nose often caused by bacteria which end up in the nose due to infected fingernails as someone picks the nose. Get a good way to contain it is to apply bacitracin ointment as this is expected to help the situation. If this does not in any way help, then it is important to consult your doctor immediately.

Apart from all these, there are also some other ways that can be employed to minimize the pains of these nose sores that won’t heal and prevent them from spreading. Some of them are drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding smoking, using oral decongestants or even using a saltwater nose spray.