Angel Bites Piercing Pain, Scars, Jewelry, Pictures and How To Pierce Angel Bites

What are angel bites? Find out more below including info on angel bites pain, scar and jewelry with pictures to show you different ways to wear this amazing piercing.

Understanding angel Bites or Angel Bites Piercing

Lip piercings are probably the most ever-changing and fast-rising trend in body modification. With lots of varieties to choose from, depending on your personality, you can never run out of options. Brings us to the amazing angel bites, double Monroe, Madonna- Madonna or Monroe –Monroe; whatever you want to call them. Angel bites and snake bites are similar just that the former are found on the upper lip while snake bites are located off the lower lip.


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What are angel bites? They are a set of two piercings located on both sides just above the upper lip. It is basically a combination of a Monroe and a Madonna.

Meaning: No one really can tell what or why this piercing is referred to as angel bites- maybe to represent two angel’s teeth when biting if angels ever bite. If you happen to know the meaning, you are welcome to share with us.

While girls look good with angel bites and pull them off more commonly, snakebites look better on guys. The piercing easily blends with other facial piercings. The most common combination you will see is the angel bites and septum piercing.

While you can get any bite piercing done at the same time or making two trips to your piercer, it is highly recommended that you have them done separately to scale your time and efforts to one piercing at a time during the healing process. Since this type of piercings are both oral and facial, the chances of having problems are even increased. Having the piercings done separately may require more time so that you can finally make that fashion statement but it is much safer.

How Much Do Angel Bites Cost?

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The normal price for bites on the upper lip is $50-$80. Piercing planet does this piercing for $70 with a discounted price of $59.90 if you get both piercing done at the same time plus an additional charge of $4.95 for a clear jewelry for your initial piercing.

These prices tend to differ from studio to studio and region to region. It also depends on what type of jewelry you want for your initial piercing. Always inquire about pricing before you set to get the piercing, including the first change after swelling has gone down.

How to Pierce Angel Bites

I don’t advocate for self-piercing because of health reasons. I really do not understand why anyone would want to do their own piercing while the cost of getting the requirements is way enough to visit a professional. Doing a piercing by yourself at home is very dangerous and predisposes you to infections and a load of other problems.

It might be a little hard clamping and trying to get the right angle so that you can avoid hitting vein or placing the jewelry so that it won’t damage your teeth and gums. If you bent on doing it, the least you can do is find out how to pierce your own angel bites safely. Sterility and cleanliness are very important.

Simply, DO NOT try to pierce yourself or your friend without proper knowledge of the body and experience.

Angel Bites Piercing Pain

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Do angel bites hurt? Well, yeah. A needle going through your skin will surely hurt. The skin on the upper lip is generously supplied with nerves and quite some skin to go through. It will surely make your eyes water- if you know what I mean.

However, the level of pain depends on how much you can take since people are different. Angel bites piercing pain just like all other multiple piercings is doubled- the more reason why you should get this piercing one at a time.

I have countlessly had people ask whether piercings hurt on those online forums. Well, most of the time people’s comments make piercings sound more painful than they actually are. If you really want the piercing, brace your fears and get it done with. The pain is bearable and will be gone soon enough.

Fake Angel Bites

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Are you looking for how to give yourself angel bites without actually piercing through your skin? For those who cannot get real piercings for one reason or another, the best option would be to get fake angel bites of snakebites. This is a great and safe option for underage and school-going teenagers whose parents or teachers do not approve of piercings.

Here is how to make Fake Angel Bites

  1. Get two small beads or studs from an old beaded necklace or earing
  2. Apply glue or clear nail polish on the bead
  3. Hold it up with tweezers and carefully stick it on one side of your upper lip
  4. Do the same for the other side and there! You have your bites

It’s that simple.

Angel Bites Scars

Do angel bites leave scars? For the hundredth time, YES. All piercings scar. If you are concerned about how big a scar your piercing will leave, ask your piercer to use tiny gauge studs. The hole will close up once you decide to remove the jewelry and the scar will be less noticeable- the size of a small pimple or a zit. It is also important to note that infections make the scars even bigger. Having your piercing heal healthy without any problems reduces the chances of scarring.

Angel bites scars fade over time and somehow blend in well with the tone of your skin- someone has to look closely to notice you have a scar.

Angel Bites Jewelry

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Like Monroes, this piercing is done with a small labret stud. A longer bar is used for the initial piercing to allow for swelling and later changed to a shorter bar to prevent damage to the teeth and gums. Sometimes the term crayfish is used to describe this type of piercing with longer barbells which look like antennas found on crayfish.

The use of labret studs for angel bites jewelry gives you a wide variety of options to choose from. You can change from small crystals balls, fancier star studs to bigger steel bars depending on your personality and occasion. HAVE FUN!