The Real Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Dogs aren’t the only ones who benefit from regular walks. Walking your dog has a positive impact on many aspects of overall health for you as well. People need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Owning a dog is like having a fitness coach and training partner wrapped up in one fluffy furball. It will be easier for you to burn calories and stay active and fit with your best friend by your side.

Exercise helps to strengthen your muscles, bones, and joints. Studies have shown that brisk walking for 30-minutes a day improves mental, emotional and physical health.


Walking as well reduces the stress hormone cortisol thus playing a vital role in lowering blood pressure.

Brain plasticity and cognitive function have also shown signs of significant improvement after physical activity. Exercising improves people’s cognitive performance, such as executive functioning, attention and memory and brain structure.

While walking, we breathe more deeply and get more oxygen into our lungs and brains. This helps to focus our thoughts, attention and creative insight. Brisk walking also boosts the immune system which you can read more about on Sweatcoin’s blog.

Physical activity is a distraction from negative thoughts. It helps to relieve stress and leave you feeling energized. Consequently, you have positive feelings more often.

In recent years, dogs have been used to help war veterans and people suffering from PTSD. Although there is no hard data of the actual benefits, the practice has grown in popularity due to empirical evidence. It just makes sense.

Walking Your Dog Is A Great Way To Meet People


Dogs are social “ice-breakers” and it’s much easier to meet people taking them to your local park. Being with a pet gives you a neutral, safe topic to start a friendly conversation even with a complete stranger.

Research shows that animal lovers are more appealing and around a third of Brits surveyed said they thought someone with a dog was more likely to be loyal, compassionate and kind.

Animals also have an innate ability to bond – which is important for your emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. Bonding is equally as important for your dog’s health.

The dedicated time and shared activity between man and animal build trust and provides one-on-one playtime.

Walking Your Dog Boosts Your Mood


A good dog walk will enhance your mood. Pets are particularly good for people struggling with depression or anxiety. Owning a dog can be a complete life-changer.

Even short walks have been shown to be a mood booster. Some researchers have found that a 10-minute walk can boost your general mood and wellbeing.

Furthermore, exercise is a great way to lose weight. If you build a weight-loss exercise program into your dog walking duties, you’re effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Researchers found that you can burn between 90 to 200 calories off during a 30-minute walk. Combined with a balanced and healthy diet, walking your dog will make a difference and bring you to the ideal weight. Which in itself is a mood booster.