Black or Dark Spot on Lips Pictures, Cause, How to Get Rid Fade or Treat Spots on Lips

What causes dark or brown spots on the lips? Dark spots on lips can be embarrassing. This post highlights the common causes of this lip problem and remedies to help you improve the appearance of your lips and what you have to do when the black spots cannot fade or go away.

What causes dark spots on lip?

These are some of the most common factors and reasons that explain the appearance of dark spots, brown spots or black spots and patches on lips.

Burns or hot foods

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If you drink more than 5 cups of hot coffee or tea per day, you might be a victim you never thought. The heat in such drinks literally burns the skin of the lips.

This becomes pretty bad when you develop this habit. You may not notice it almost immediately but will notice dark spots on the lips with time.

Not only these (burns from beverages), but also hot eatable or solid foods can come with discomfort while eating. So, be careful on hot foods. Do not be in a hurry and take them when they are warm.

Reaction to medicines and drugs

You may notice dark spots on the lips while or possibly when you are about to complete a dose that a doctor prescribed. These medications include:

  • Amiodarone
  • Tetracyclines
  • Estrogens
  • Phenytoin
  • Sulfonamide
  • Phenothiazines

If you suspect or realize that these drugs are what causes dark spots on your lips, you must consult a physician or dermatologist. However, it is advisable to stop taking these medications after you have been given an alternative or your doctor has shown a green light.

Black spots on lips due to medication can be linked to sorts of allergic reactions and in many cases, this could be the main reason.

More luckily, not all individuals are likely to encounter the formation of spots or lip discoloration due to medication.

Bad lip product application

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A bad lip product could be indicated by its expiry date, actual formulation or ingredient quality.

Due to the fact that the skin of the lips is more sensitive, the use of a lip product whose expiry date is already due can cause not only lip problems but also is potentially a health risk.

Pigmentation problems on lip

An unlikely increased quantity in melanin due to pigmentation problems can lead to dark lips or formations of dark or brown spots. In most cases, this may occur at lip borders.

Such problems resulting in skin appearing darker is also known as hyperpigmentation. Therefore, hyperpigmentation is another possible reason why black spots appear at the level of your lips.

Sun exposure
Besides the many dangerous and feared-for skin-related conditions, over-exposure to sunlight can lead to sunburnt lips and poisoning.

Other causes

In addition, there are other possible reasons why you may end up with black or dark/brown spots on your lips.

  • Too much iron in the body can lead to brown spots appearing on lips
  • Drinking or smoking can also cause brown or dark spots on lips and in mouth
  • Black spots due to constant lip peeling with teeth and biting
  • Deficiency of vital body vitamins (especially vitamin B)
  • Neoplasm or sign of cancer in very rare cases

Remedies to fade away spots on lips

Below are some top safe remedies to help you fade black, dark or brownish spots on the lips. Usually, the appearance could improve depending on the underlying cause of black or dark spots and weird color on the lips.

Lemon juice

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Lemon juice is considered as a top remedy due to its ability naturally to lighten skin by its bleaching compounds. As we mentioned, this can be a way of treating the black spots on your lips if you are sure it is not a problem with pigmentation in skin.

If you have never used lemon on your mouth or around lips before, here is a simple procedure:

  • Gently dab lemon juice on the spots of your lips using a cotton swab
  • If lip sensation like irritation or burning is felt stop immediately or apply coconut oil to minimize its effects
  • Alternatively, try diluting lemon juice (in fact this is better)

If you have blisters, chapped or cracked lip lines or sores lips avoid lemon juice especially when there is bleeding presently noticeable.

Beetroot juice

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For those who do not know or have not seen beetroot, beetroot is a black pink in color (see besides).

Prepare fresh beetroot juice to apply on the dark spots of your lips.

Gently scrub it and leave for the whole night.

Patiently and keenly, follow this remedy every day before you go to bed.

The natural pink color in beetroot works amazingly by imparting the colors to your lips when you follow this remedy regularly.

Apple cider vinegar

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Like lemon, Apple Cider vinegar is an amazing home remedy for fading away the darkish spots on lips. This property helps minimize the appearance in terms of unevenness thus helps in reducing the visibility of black spots.

Here is a simple procedure.

  • Dab a few drops of apple cider vinegar using a cotton swab
  • Follow this treatment regularly more so before you get to bed
  • Allow it to stay on your lips overnight
  • Wash in the morning for brighter-looking lips

This remedy can bring back natural pink lips if you are consistent. However, remember you have to do something special to counter causes and overcome the challenges that lead to the darkening of your lips.

Olive oil + sugar scrub

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Apart from the healing magic, olive oil is a great ingredient that helps in reducing the appearance of the black spots on your lips. Olive oil can turn your lips from dull-looking to lively and vibrant due to its moisturizing quality.

This is another overnight remedy for fading dark spots on the lips.

  • Take a few drops of olive oil and gently massage on your lips
  • Leave them overnight
  • Follow this remedy and practice it regularly
  • Remember to wash your lips in the morning or use a gentle cleanser

In addition, prepare a lip scrub by combining 1 tablespoon and olive oil then massage your lips. Do this once a week for better results.

It not only eliminates the black spots on your lips but also helps in moisturizing and nourishing your lips. Try following this remedy regularly for getting natural pink soft lips.


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One of the reasons why you will find this remedy helpful is the need to keep your lips moisturized. Pomegranate is also superb in nourishing your lips.

Other things you need are:

  • Warm water
  • Milk cream (naturally fresh)
  • Some pure rose water
  • Cotton swabs


  • Mash 1 tablespoon of pomegranate seeds
  • Add this to 1/4tablespoon rosewater or milk cream if you like
  • Make it a finer paste by squeezing or mixing thoroughly
  • Prepare your lips by wiping them dry
  • Apply on your lower lip and massage gently for 3 minutes
  • Repeat for the upper lips (if you have dark spots)
  • Wash with warm water

Protect your lips during cold weather or when you are outdoors to enhance nourishment.

Lip creams to fade spots on lips

The use of lip creams is quite relevant but may lead to controversial results if you do not consult or involve a health care or beauty expert. Either of these professionals can be your game-changer in terms of tips what cream so go for, when to use or how to apply.

All in all, if you must use a lightening cream based on the reviews, once again, be careful!

How to get rid of dark spots or patches on your lips

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If you are trying to figure out how you can treat dark spots or pigments on your lips then the solution is as simple as really acknowledging understanding of the causes. Unless you are dead sure the causes be cautionary with any method you would prefer to help get rid of your problem.

Black spots that may raise fear and a lot of concern as far as health is concerned require a careful physical examination and tests including a biopsy or excision (where possible) for greater analysis to be carried out.

If you have dark patches that cannot go away after using these remedies to fade as might want to consider seeing a specialist (dermatologist) in advanced treatments such as dermabrasion, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Consider strict changes for self-care

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The following measures are what you have to think greatly about and absolutely forge ahead to get the solution you want.

  • Counter-check manufacture and expiry dates of lip products
  • Refrain from applying old lipstick
  • Buy new products even before the expiry date as indicated
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
  • Quit smoking and abusing alcoholic beverages
  • Address lip-biting keenly
  • Wait for hot foods to go warm before eating
  • Limit consumption of caffeinated and hot drinks

Keep in mind that a healthy diet minus sufficient water for hydration can be a scapegoat or something that would add up to the contributing habits such as lip licking or intentional lip biting.