6 Best Fat Burning Exercises You Can Do at Home in 2024

A lot of people are dissatisfied with their weight, and very few of them know exactly what they need to do to deal with an annoying enemy such as being overweight. However, the next question arises … Are pounds really our problem or something else?

Weight gain is a consequence of the functioning of the organism. As you treat your body, it will reciprocate. So we still think our biggest enemy is the lack of information. Due to insufficient information, we sometimes live in ignorance for a long time while the solution is right in front of us. Everyone knows that exercises and nutrition are the most important in the weight loss process, but not everyone is sufficiently informed (unless you are an expert) about their proper implementation of both. Add to that the conditions that people have at their disposal, because many do not have the opportunity to exercise outside the house or some other room, and you will get a vicious circle.

So that no one would have a problem with the lack of information, below we will suggest some safe exercises with which you can achieve your goal in the easiest and fastest way.

1. Squats

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In addition to mobility, it also helps with various pains in the area of ​​the lower back. With this exercise, you strengthen the whole body, burn excess fat and accelerate weight loss. Take the starting position so that your feet are shoulder-width apart and then lower your pelvis down, all the while taking care not to lose proper shape. Imagine the whole process as if you need to sit down. It used to be thought that knees shouldn’t cross toes, but that’s not true. Whether the knees will cross the toes will only affect whether the focus is on the gluteus or the quadriceps. If the knees cross the toes, the focus will be on the quadriceps, and if they do not cross the toes, then the focus is on the gluteus. If you find it too difficult to do a few sets, you can use a chair as an aid. That way you won’t have to do the whole squat, but only half, until you sit down on a chair.

2. Bulgarian squat

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This is a popular exercise for building strength and balance of the lower part of the body. Every demanding exercise is a big calorie consumer, like this one. Especially ones that involve the legs because the legs are the largest part of the body and the largest consumer of both calories and oxygen. For that reason, after training your legs, you may feel sleepy because a lot of oxygen has been used up.

Stand so that you are in front of the bench with your back to it, place the tip of the foot of one leg on the bench while slightly bending your leg at the knee joint. During this time, the leg on the ground must be fully extended and the upper part upright. This body position should remain throughout all reps.

Perform the exercise by bending at the hip and knee of the leg you are standing on. Lower yourself until the knee of the other leg almost touches the ground.

3. Push-ups

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If you want to activate the whole body then push-ups are a great choice. You will activate the muscles of the shoulders, triceps, core, gluteus and generally the whole body you will need for balance. This is also one of the easiest exercises to perform. Just 20 minutes a day is enough to get fit. It is not necessary to spend hours, but just be regular and set aside 20 minutes for a workout. Visit humanfitness.net to see one example of how a twenty-minute workout can be structured.

4. Crunches

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There are different types of abs, so you will always be able to change and you will never get bored. When you strengthen your abdominal muscles and the whole core, you will feel increased stability of the whole body, especially the spine. Also, due to the high intensity of training, calorie consumption will be high.

Another exercise that is very easy to perform. At least most types of crunches are easy to perform, although there are some that are more complicated.

5. Plank

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An exercise that has gained immense popularity in recent years, so much so that now you can’t imagine any workout without it. A real example of a full-body exercise. After just one minute you will see how sweaty you will be and it will be a great way to burn more calories at the end of your workout which will lead to fat loss. Perform the exercise by leaning on your toes while your body is parallel to the floor and your hands are placed just below your shoulders, which you are also leaning on. You can also rely on your elbows. Your back must remain straight, which means that your stomach and hips must not lean towards the floor. It remains in this position for approximately 20 seconds.

6. Mountain climbers

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Here are some great cardio exercises you can do in your home that will come in handy if you don’t like running. What does it mean? This means that while doing this, you move your body in a similar way and activate it as you run. Only this way your joints will not be under pressure. Doing this exercise contributes to strengthening the core and all the muscles in your arms. It will tire you well, but also bring great results. This one is not intended to increase muscle mass and definition, but to help you melt fat deposits on the body and achieve endurance. Do this by taking a push-up position with your legs slightly apart. Bend your knees and extend them to your arms alternately. Don’t worry that you will get very tired, because while your body is getting tired, it is at the same time much stronger with this exercise. Of course, by repeating it, it will be more and more bearable for you to perform.


Now that you know which exercises are useful for you, you need to know some rules. This refers to knowing your own limits because exercise is primarily a certain effort for your body. We advise you to have a limit in that and to listen to your body. Also, stay hydrated and pay attention to the duration of the workout.