How To Tell If A Nail Polish Is Healthy Or Unhealthy

Have you ever thought that the cosmetic products you use every day could be harmful to you and your health? You probably already know that not every product on the market is made the same way. Many brands use only fairly sourced and tested ingredients to make your favorite nail polish or any other product, such as makeup, shampoo, or soap.

That’s why you have products that are more affordable, but also those that are not very cheap and you should consider whether you really need them before you buy. But very often, the price also depends on the quality.

We all think that nail polish is just a color that we apply and make our hands look elegant, well-groomed, and attractive. But there is still so much to talk about, that is, to learn things that you may not have known or accepted as facts.

If you visit, you will see that you have a lot of options to choose from, or maybe you can even find something that is not usually available in the stores around you. But, you also have to be very careful when estimating the quality of the product you are willing to buy.

What does it mean?


You need to check all the available information about the seller and manufacturer, and even study the ingredients list, so you can see if there is something that is bad for your overall health. Maybe you are thinking, how can even nail polish be unhealthy, but it’s possible, due to the aggressive ingredients inside of it. Harmful and toxic ingredients in your nail polish can cause significant damage, darkening of the nail, stains, peeling, and even pain in the fingers, and allergic reactions to a substance.

Most manufacturers pay attention to at least the basic protection of their consumers, but there are some who use the cheapest ingredients. Of course, we are not saying that cheap products are harmful and expensive ones are good for you, but what we want is to motivate you to research the ingredients, to read as much as possible about how nail polish is made and what it contains, how colors are obtained, and only then buy your favorite.

How to tell the difference?


If you are a fan of a nice manicure made at home, then you should pay attention to what you use. Most people will never have any reaction to manicure products, but many dermatologists and specialists have encountered more serious consequences.

The traditional nail polish comes in a liquid state and you apply it on the nail plate, and that liquid, in contact with the air, dries and leaves a semi-permanent coat, in the color of your choice. The good thing is that you can easily apply it, in several layers, but also remove it with an acetone-based remover. The acetone, which is also present in the polish, is the one that can dry the skin and bite the surface of the nail. Therefore, after long use, dark spots and discoloration may appear, which disappear when you stop the manicure.

Non-toxic nail polishes are not completely harmless as they do not contain five of the many ingredients. These are the ones that are considered the most toxic – formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. Some brands manage to do more, but the standard procedure is to exclude these five. Although it has some advantages, this product still has some harmful effects that can be absorbed into the skin.

The advantages of this type are easy removal and that they are good for those with thinner and damaged nails, but on the other hand, there is no strong scientific basis to claim that they are completely safe. The very fact that some of the harmful ingredients have been removed, also says that the toxicity has been reduced, but not completely removed.

Your gel polish must be applied in a way that must be baked using a UV lamp, a process known as photopolymerization. Under the action of light, a solid polymer is created on the surface of your nail plate. The nail polish itself may be safe, but what is disputed is the effect of the UV lamp and the damage to the skin cells around the nail.

Removal is also what can be harmful, as it is aggressive and uses a lot of chemicals, which can completely destroy the plate. Well, we would say that here the nail polish is not a problem, but the removal.

Our final verdict

If we have to choose, probably we will go with the non-toxic option since the number of dangerous ingredients is reduced. When you are looking for your perfect nail polish, we will recommend you to read the ingredients list, so you can spot the potentially dangerous substances, or detect if there is something you are allergic to. Many brands have options for those with sensitive skin and weak nail plates, so if you want something that is less aggressive, and easy to remove, you can choose some of those options.

Bonus tip


There are polish removers based on different types of oils, that don’t contain acetone, so it’s another way to reduce the risks for nail damage if you want to do that.

Why should you be worried?

Although the nails are in the form of tiles, they are porous and absorb harmful chemicals. Although we are surrounded by many harmful substances around us, we can make sure that at least what we apply directly to the body is as toxic as possible for us.



Take care of yourself, even when it involves buying products that are more expensive. There is no alternative to your health, so you need to be very careful, especially with makeup, nail polish, and other decorative cosmetics that contain dyes and fixatives, to make it more durable.

Pay attention to the dangerous ingredients we have listed and try to find a product that contains a few of them as possible.