5 Reasons Why Your Workout Regime Fails

Have you been trying to stick to a workout regime for some time, only to fail in a few days? Well, you are not alone, as it has happened to almost everyone who has tried to stick to a workout schedule. My new year’s resolution recently was to work out 6 days a week but could not last more than 3 days because of prior commitments. If you feel like a failure, do not do that to yourself. You can definitely prevent your workout regime from failing by avoiding these mentioned reasons.

1. You Workout for Free

Source: womenshealthmag.com

Sometimes when you do an at-home workout, initially, you may feel motivated to stick to the schedule, but with time, you may start skipping a few sessions. This has happened to me several times as I prioritize other things and utilize my workout time to finish other work. I have recently realized that when I get a gym membership, it drives me to use it as I have invested my hard-earned money. Join a reputed gym such as GymNation Deira that will ensure you make good use of your money by offering high-end gym equipment for an efficient workout session.

2. You Give Up Too Soon

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If you had committed to a schedule and could not stick to it, it does not mean you are a failure. You need to stay persistent and restart. Giving up is not a solution and will do no good. You may fail several times, but you still need to be disciplined with your workout schedule.

3. You Hate Your Body

You are planning a workout session to make your body fit, but how will you feel like putting effort into it if you hate it now? You may be excessively overweight. That does not mean you hate yourself. Love your body and respect it. Only then will you be able to work towards improving it.

4. Believing in Quick Fixes

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You will find many Instagram reels that showcase some exercises that are like a shortcut to reduce belly fat. This will dishearten and demotivate you, which will make it impossible for you to achieve your fitness goal. There is no shortcut to fitness, and if you believe in these videos, you set yourself for failure.

5. Setting Unrealistic Goals

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If you have made the goal of losing 5 kg in a week, it is absolutely unrealistic, and either you will have to follow fad methods that will harm your body, in the long run, to fail miserably. This will demotivate you further, and you may skip the entire regime altogether, assuming that it is not working. Do not look for a quick fix; instead, set realistic goals and offer yourself some buffer too.

The Bottom Line

It takes months to make a workout regime work. It is practically impossible to strictly stick to the schedule if you have other responsibilities. Hence, set a realistic schedule and do not give up until you get results. If you skip a few sessions due to personal reasons, do not consider that a failure.