Canine Bites Piercing Pictures Guys and Price

Canine bites piercing comprise of four piercings done on both sides of the upper and lower lips. It is the combination of angel bites and snake bites piercings. Here is more info on canine bite piercing for guys, pictures and the cost.

Canine Bites, Canine Bites Piercing

Canine bites also known as anti-bites, are a set of four lip piercings made up of a pair of angel bites and snake bites- that is, one on each side of the upper lip and one on each side of the lower lip. Placement of this piercing is very important as a small mistake could distort your facial symmetry. It is for this reason and the rarity of the piercing that you should only consider getting it done at an established studio, by an experienced piercer.

It is common to spot someone wearing either angel bites or snake bites but together, it is possible that most people have not heard or seen them. This piercing can make a bold statement and they can be pretty epic and stylish if you can pull them off. It is recommended that you keep the rest of your face piercings free to avoid looking all cluttered. Some people have been able to comfortably pull of a canine bite and septum piercing without being too much.

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Depending on how eager you are to have your set of bites, you can get canine bites by making separate trips to the piercer or all in one sitting. The easiest way would be to get the piercings all at the same time so that you can minimize the time and effort that you need for the healing process. However, having more than two piercings at the same time is likely to increase the chance of developing problems- making it safer to have the piercings each at a time. Note that while this may take longer to heal, you are less likely to develop piercing problems.

Healing time for more than two pairs of piercings take around 8-12 weeks. This also depends on how well you take care of the piercings and your body’s healing capabilities.

Canine bites piercing jewelry gives you a wide range of options and it takes creativity to come up with something stylish and unique. It is often recommended that you keep your choices paired to balance the facial symmetry. You can choose to wear 14g spikes, 16g balls or crystals or 18g circular barbells. Just like for other piercings, longer bars are used to accommodate swelling and can later be changed to shorter bars to prevent teeth damage and gum erosion.

Canine Bite Piercing For Guys

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While canine bite piercing for guys look better, even girls can now be seen rocking this piercing. Spikes and circular barbells look better on guys while girls can comfortably wear ball ended studs or crystals for a fancier look.

Canine Piercing Price

How much does a canine bite piercing cost? It will cost you roughly $30-$60 to get canine bites piercing. However, this price changes depending on where you are and the piercer’s individual price sheet. There are those places that will charge you individually for each hole while others will charge full price for one hole and a half price for the other. At body360 for example, you can have your canine bites for $30 dollars including surgical stainless steel starter jewelry.