Spider Bites Piercing Cost, Jewelry, Images, Healing and Pain

Lip piercings are growing very popular- more people are becoming more daring with different styles and pieces. The specific ways of naming based on the location and appearance of a particular piercing makes them rather unique. Standard piercings have become a basis for variety growing a whole new style of bite piercings. One such piercing is the spider bite piercing. Below all the info you need to know on spider bites including, healing, cost and jewelry with striking images to show you how to wear this piercing.

Introduction to spider bites piercing

What is a spider bite piercing? This is are two pieces of jewelry positioned close to each other under your lower lip, close to the corner of the mouth. Just like other bite piercings, not many people can pull this off.

Spider Bites Piercing Information

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What is the meaning of a spider bite piercing? Unlike in the earlier years where a certain type of piercing had a specific meaning, these days’ piercings and any type of modification are all about style, fashion and culture. Spider bites lip piercings are just named so from the fact that the design is drawn up from a real spider bite.

Normally a spider bite piercing is done on one side to the corner of the lower lip but it is also possible to have the piercing done on both sides of the mouth so that you end up with four piercings in total. For quite some time now, spider bites would be commonly spotted on guys but now it is increasingly becoming a trend for women. While you can have this piercing done in one sitting, it is advisable to have one at a time. That way, it is easier to take care of and it also reduces the chances of getting any problems.

If you are contemplating getting this type of piercing, it is advisable to put all aspects to thought. This includes pain, aftercare, healing time and jewelry. Look for a well-established studio with experienced piercers. Gather as much information as you can including talking to those who have the piercing. Experiment with faux jewelry to determine how this piercing would look on you.

Spider Bites Piercing Procedure

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Before piercing, you will be required to sign a consent form to express your approval. The piercer will brief you on the process and also ask you to choose what type of jewelry you want. You should take this time to ask any questions and make sure your piercer understands what you really want. The actual piercing process does not differ from other types of lip piercings:

  1. The area will be sterilized
  2. The entry and exit points will be marked with a surgical marker
  3. A clamp will be used to hold the lip steady and also reduce pain
  4. The needle will go through your flesh from the outside in or vice versa but most piercers prefer the former
  5. Jewelry is usually threaded to the needle so that, as the needle comes out, it leaves the jewelry in place
  6. The piercer will then explain and hand you a set of aftercare instructions

Spiderbites Piercing Complications

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Like all multiple piercings, spider bites have an increased chance of getting infections and other complications. Side effects may be long term or short term. Spiderbites piercing complications include;

  • Infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • Rejection
  • Migration
  • Gum erosion
  • Teeth damage
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring

The right piercing procedure, quality jewelry and proper aftercare are the keys to having a healthy piercing with reduced chances of developing problems.

Do Spider Bite Piercing Hurt?

How bad does a spider bite piercing hurt? If there is one thing most people put into consideration before getting a piercing is how much it is going to hurt. For any piercing, you always feel the needle go through your skin. It is however done so fast that it will only feel like a sting or a pinch. Actually, for most people most pain is felt in the first stage of the healing process.

While the lip is a very sensitive area, spider bites are known to have low pain ratings compared to other lip piercings but this actually depends on how much pain you can tolerate- if your pain threshold is low, it will hurt more. Experienced piercers have different techniques of making this as smooth as possible for you.

Spider Bites Piercing Healing

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How long does a spider bites piercing take to heal? Spider bites have a fairly short healing time and take 4-12 weeks for you to be able to make your first jewelry change. But like for all other lip piercings, the piercee determines how fast this will be by following the aftercare instructions to the letter. You should keep the piercing clean and stop smoking to hasten the time it takes to heal.

Cleaning involves

  • Five minutes sea salt soaks at least twice a day preferably in the morning and evening
  • Rinsing your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash after every meal
  • Clean with mild antibacterial soap twice a day or when you take a shower

Spider Bites Piercing Swelling

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Spider bites piercing swelling is a normal occurrence during the first 3-6 days of the healing process. It is a normal inflammatory process that begins within the first 24 hours and will be heightened on the third day. During this time, other than the swelling, your lip will feel itchy, numb and hot.

If you notice that your spider bites are swollen too much that the jewelry appears to be sinking in, you should visit your piercer immediately for a longer bar or wider ring to accommodate for the swelling. To reduce the intensity of the swelling, it is advisable to have the piercing done separately.

Spider Bites Piercing Cost

How much do spider bites piercing cost? Prices differ from region to region. The total cost includes your first set of jewelry and sometimes cleaning solution and any other consultation you make during the healing time. The average price range for any bite piercing is $40-$80 but having them done at the same time usually earns you a discount in most piercing studios.

At piercing planet, for example, you will normally have two piercings at $79.90 but if you get the piercings done at the same time you will pay a discounted price of $59.90 and an additional $4.45 each for clear jewelry.

How much does a spider bites piercings cost in the UK? In the UK, a single piercing will cost you 25 pounds but if you get your bites done at the same time, you will pay for 45 pounds instead of 50.

Generally, it will cost you more to have bite piercings done one at a time.

Spider Bite Piercing Jewelry

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Spider bites are normally done with labret studs but they can also be done with BCRs and circular barbells. It is recommended that you have labret studs for your initial piercing since they are easier to deal with then you can later change to spider bite piercing rings.

Note that in the initial phase of healing BCRs should be worn a little larger and labret a little longer to accommodate for swelling.

Usually, the same type of jewelry is worn on both piercing holes for similarity and to make a visual pair. But you can also choose to mix and match different styles and colors to come up with a unique look. However, it is advisable to stick to either a pair of rings or labret studs.